BURIAL UNTRUE melhor album da decada

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BURIAL UNTRUE melhor album da decada

Mensagem  A Kut em Seg 07 Dez 2009, 21:05

Numa lista dos 100 melhores álbuns da década lançada pela Fact magazine o álbum Untrue de Burial foi considerado o melhor bounce

"Less melancholic and seeped in static than its predecessor, Untrue is haunted by uncanny, almost wordless vocals that seem to flicker with a muted alien radiance, touching the listener on some deeply personal label. Voices hover in a void, suspended above some of the most elegiac and glacial-sounding strings since Joy Division's Closer.

This is music in a state of suspended animation, timeless and frozen, yet also firmly embedded in the urban now. With his second album, Burial stripped UK garage of its twitchy micro-textures and created a fabulous new strain of future soul, underpinned by hollow-eyed, stumbled drums liable to turn Timbaland green with envy. Untrue is achingly lovely, but perhals ill-suited to the CD format. Check the vinyl edition instead: it'll give your ears more time and space to digest the music - otherwise an illusion of uniformity will set in and you'll start to feel that each track is just the same jewel viewed from a different angle. [Kek-w]"

Tendo KODE9 & SPACEAPE com MEMORIES OF THE FUTURE ficado em nº 80, RHYTHM & SOUND W/ THE ARTISTS (BURIAL MIX, 2003) em nº 56, PINCH com UNDERWATER DANCEHALL ficou em nº 31, BURIAL com o seu álbum homônimo BURIAL em nº22,

Podem consultar este e os outros nomeados em http://www.factmagazine.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=4095&Itemid=103&limit=1&limitstart=9
A Kut

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