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Mensagem  A Kut em Qui 26 Nov 2009, 06:42

Aqui fica um set de 2h por parte de AKira Kiteshi realizado na Alemanha


Se alguem souber a tracklist que a ponha aqui Very Happy

Fica aqui também uma entrevista feita ao mesmo

Taking Radio One by storm, the mysterious Akira Kiteshi has been tearing up the international club scene with his distinctive brand of rinse-out dubstep.

Ahead of his debut London appearance for Z-Shed at Chew the Fat!, he dropped us a two hour live mix from a recent German gig packed full of brand new exclusives and stopped by for a friendly natter…

For those that don’t know, who is Akira Kiteshi, what do you do and where are you from?

Akira Kiteshi is a Scottish producer and DJ from East Lothian just outside of Edinburgh… via Glasgow and Japan

You’ve already had a load of love from Radio One and in the clubs. Who’s been supporting your sound and how quickly has stuff progressed for you since getting played by them?

N-Type was the first DJ to really jump on the Pinball e.p and gave it massive support before it came out playing a dub of it at most of his gigs. I think that was a massive help in getting the e.p heard by a lot of people. After that it started getting support from Kissy Sell Out, Mary Anne Hobbs, Joker, Mixmaster Mike, Huw Stevens, Reso, Bobby Friction and a bunch of others which was just crazy!

Your current EP seems to have been inspired by Lorraine Kelly And Jeremy Kyle. Do you watch a lot of daytime TV? And what’s next of the release front?

I have this habbit of making really stupid working titles for tracks and they end up sticking a lot of the time! I don’t really watch that much TV, but I’m a massive movie buff. I did bump in to Jeremy Kyle recently in Edinburgh! I wish I’d had a copy of the e.p with me to give him.

That 7″ was just put out for a little bit of fun and as the first in a run of limited 7″ releases that Black Acre are putting out over the next few months. My next proper e.p is Boom N Pow which is out early September on Black Acre. Raffertie has done an amazing remix for the b-side and Bobby Friction has been hammering it on his shows as well!

You’ve been booked to play as part of your dream line-up. Who would you be sharing the bill with?

It would have to Lenny Dee, Squarepusher, Venetian Snares, The Producer, Sun Ra, Miles Davis, Moondog, Radiohead, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Herbie Hancock and Mahavishnu Orchestra all on stage at the same time!

The last DJ’s new freeform jazz direction has left the crowd angry and hostile. What’s your fail-safe tune to win them back?

Hahaha! I come from a massive jazz background so I would probably be bugging out on the dancefloor! I would then drop the full length version of Space is the Place by Sun Ra! If that failed, I would probably drop anything by Reso. He makes music to destroy dancefloors!
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